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Team of Qualified Doctor.

Dr. Vikas Mishra, a seasoned ophthalmic surgeon with 18 years of dedicated experience, has successfully performed over 30,000 painless cataract surgeries. His expertise extends to conducting more than 1,000 spectacle removal surgeries, showcasing a commitment to enhancing patients’ vision and quality of life. Dr. Mishra is renowned for his skillful approach and compassionate care in the field of ophthalmology.

Dr. Ananya Mishra, a distinguished dental professional, graduated in 2010 and has accumulated over 13 years of invaluable experience. Specializing as a certified orthodontist and implantologist, she is dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care. Dr. Mishra’s commitment to continuous learning is evident as she is currently pursuing a Masters in Paediatric Dentistry, reflecting her passion for delivering top-notch dental services across various specialties.

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Dr. Vikas Mishra
Dr. Manish Shrivastava
Dental Surgeon
Dr. Ananya Mishra

Shashwat Hospital, situated at Opp. Timber Bhawan, Devendra Nagar, Raipur, stands as a premier multi-specialty Eye & Dental hospital. Here, a comprehensive range of eye and dental treatments is provided, ensuring the well-being and healthy smiles of our clients. Our Dental & Eye Clinic premises promise an unparalleled experience, dedicated to your health and satisfaction.

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